Mouse Wrap 3.3 Details

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleMouse Wrap is a small utility to enhance the mobility of the Windows mouse pointer. It does this by wrapping the movement of the mouse pointer around the edges of the screen. When the pointer touches an edge of the screen it will instantly appear on the opposite side of the screen This edgeless experience in a desktop environment allows for faster interaction, especially when larger screen resolutions are involved. Due to some recent donations I have decided to work on Mouse Wrap further. This time I am going to remake the software from the ground up using the best practises out there. I hope to squeeze in as much time as possible into Mouse Wrap, for one more push in its development. It will definitely help my motivation if I see people are still interested in Mouse Wrap. I therefore set some donation targets as detailed below. The allows detonators support the project with PayPal and they can also see the progress and amount of support to date.

Download and use it now: Mouse Wrap

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